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Custom Handbags

Custom orders are the perfect way to get everything you want and need in a handbag. They also make great gifts for the person that has everything. 

Custom orders can be made from fabrics and leathers I have in stock or they can be made from your very own garments! If you have a leather jacket, pants, or a skirt that have not seen the outside of your closet in years, a custom handbag might just be the best way to breathe new life into that forgotten item.

Here is how we get started:

 Message me with a brief description of what you want your handbag to look like. Style, size, colours, features ect.

STEP TWO: I will get back to you with fabric options, few sketches and pricing. It will look a little something like this…..

STEP THREE: You choose the option that works best for you, we arrange payment and I get started. Turn around time is between 2-3 weeks from payment till shipment. 

Due to the unique nature of custom orders, there are no refunds. Custom orders start at $275

I look forward to making your dream handbag!